Hello! Is anybody reading this?

Your visitors allow you about 3 seconds to communicate what they want to hear.

If visitors aren’t compelled to read further then your message was just sneezed into the wind.

Copywriting on your site is arguably more important than any other design or functional aspect of your website. Good online copywriting is absolutely vital for Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation & Conversion and for eCommerce Sales. It’s also just about the only way that your larger message is going to get out there.

Strategy Revolution recommends a strategic content creation plan and online copywriting developed with your navigation in mind along with a strong dose of optimization that guides the entire process.

Spiders Gorging on Your Keywords

Online copywriting and all content needs to be emotionally heightened for normal human readers, and optimized to be “read” by curious Search Engine Spiders, too. They’re mostly interested in what words are repeated in your copy, and how that same online copywriting has been formatted. That’s what “reading” means in spiderland, and it’s how spiders can know what your online copywriting is about.

The truth is, those spiders are far more thorough and patient than any human reader. So, online copywriting needs to have a natural feel and to be easily “scannable” for impatient humans. It also needs to be formatted and to repeat the right words – keywords – for the spiders.

Strategy Revolution maintains a team of on-staff and freelance writers who are highly skilled in keyword-rich online copywriting, sales copy, SEO copy, and with backgrounds in as many industries as there are websites. They need to have all of this knowledge together and be excellent copywriters besides.

Strategy Revolution works with website owners and administrators to provide these writers with the keyword research necessary to produce:

  • landing pages
  • article pages
  • product descriptions
  • and on-going content where necessary.

We even work with some website owners to create a publishing and editorial schedule to strategically plan for adding more content and copywriting in the future.